COFCO Tomato has the world's advanced technology equipment production lines such as CFT, Ing rossi and FMC. It can produce Bulk package tomato paste, chili paste, concentrated apricot puree, tomato powder and tomato oleoresin. The products are mainly exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Europe, CIS, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East, and form strategic partnerships with internationally renowned companies...

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Bulk package tomato paste

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Our high-end products, such as super-hot break, super-cold break and low acid, and conventional bulk package tomato paste, can meet the high-quality and personalized requests of different regional markets in the world, and our products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world.


package : 220l steel drum and bin


28-30% CB

36-38% CB

28-30% HB

30-32% HB

28-30% WB

36-38% SCB

28-30% SHB

Chili paste /Dry chili

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The chili paste product selects the chili variety from professional company, makes the chili has the high red element and hot degree, according to COFCO tomato planting standard, we strictly control from seedling, planting to the field management, and entire process has specialized person to supervise, guarantee the raw material quality and safety. The products of chili paste are exquisite and of good quality. Annual production capacity is 15,000 tons.


Chili brix10-12%

Package:220l steel drum

Paprika package: 60kg pressed bags or 25kg bags, 25kg cartons

Apricot puree concentrate

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Relying on the local forest fruit resources in Xinjiang, the concentrated apricot puree produced by COFCO Tomato has good quality and strong flavor, which can meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.COFCO Tunhe Wushi Fruit and Vegetables Products Co.,Ltd has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality certification,HACCP and BRC.The apricot puree concentrate sold far to Europe,Russia, South-east Asia,Arabian countries,America and Oceania.


Package :220l steel drum

HB brix : 30-32

Bulk tomato powder / lycopene powder /Lycopene oleoresin

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Tomato powder is made from high-quality tomato sauce raw materials and refined by spray drying technology. It is rich in lycopene, plant fiber, organic acid, minerals and other ingredients. It is suitable for all kinds of condiments and can improve the flavor, color and nutritional value of food.

Lycopene, a pure natural lycopene derived from tomatoes, is mainly used in health food as a functional ingredient.The natural lycopene extracted from tomato has better edible safety and nutritional function than other lycopene products from non-lycopene sources. It also has a strong coloring effect.


Tomato powder
Package:10 kg or 12.5kg per bag ,and two bags in one carton
Lycopene oleoresin 6%
Package :6kg/tin
Lycopene tomato powder 5%
Package :1kg or 5kg per bag

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